9'6 Almond Surf Sano Special in Tan Resin Tint

Groundswell Surf Store

9'6 Almond Sano Special in Tan resin Tint 

9'6 x 23 1/8 x 3.06"

Gloss & Polish Tan resin/Cutlaps/Deck & Tail patches.

Beautiful Almond Surfboard handmade in Huntingdon, Los Angeles,USA.

In transit, expected in stock soon. Contact for details. 

The Sano Special is designed specifically for soft, log-friendly waves like San Onofre. Extremely stable from the nose, and extra curve in the tail, for a more favourable turning radius.

  • Tan Tint 
  • Single Stringer
  • Polish Finish
  • Single Fin Box (fin included)

Catches waves like a dream and exceptional glide—even in the smallest, weakest surf. Great for building confidence on the nose.

  • 18.5" nose
  • 15.6" tail
  • 9’6” x 23 1/8 x 3.06"

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