About Groundswell

a man on a surf board

We are surfers. We really love surfing, all kinds of surfing. From glassy, classic, local sunrise dawnies and sunset sessions to mushy, blown out, desperate sessions where the hail stings your eyes but you laugh because it's so ridiculous that you're getting in.

If you're smiling now it's because you know this from the inside. And if you've just caught your first South Coast wave and the light of stoke has switched on, then welcome to the rest of your life. You'll never look back.

We believe in the British surf scene and we love bespoke, hand shaped boards. Jim and I couldn't believe that there wasn't a shop that we could get to within 250 miles that knew what we were talking about. So we made one.

Here goes ... Welcome to Groundswell Surf, full of British Aloha.
42 Coombe Terrace on the Lewes Rd. Right next to the Brighton Electric, along from the bus station.

Peace and waves till you're full,
J & J.Groundswell

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