10' Bing Continental in Sage Green - read description


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10' BING Continental

Fin: Single box.

Color/finish: 7/16" Darkwood Stringer, Sage green tint, patch, gloss/polish.

Tiny ding on the tail. £150 discount, our repair glasser is away at the moment. 

Hand shaped by Matt Calvani in Encinitas, California.

beautiful board at a bargain price. 

Mick and I set out to make the ultimate noserider that could achieve parallel tens while maintaining a responsive drivey turn to take Mick’s technical approach to surfing to the next level. To make a noserider easy enough for anyone to get insane noserides, I designed a board that can lock in and lift quickly for as long as the section holds up without dropping out or fading out the back. Also, when the section flattens out, the board will slowly drop giving you time to cross-step back to the tail.

It took years of extensive experimentation with different noserider elements and trying every sort of design combination, but we finally found a predictable and consistent formula that achieved our goals.  The board has a wide parallel outline and a generous amount of nose rocker combined with 5/16” blended concave that extends to the middle of the board.  The overall rocker is flat from the middle up to an extreme kick at the very end of the tail, and the rails are pinched so they will engage into the wave’s face.  All elements are combined to work from 9’0” to 11’0”.   - Matt Calvani, Bing Shaper

Optimal nose control with positive lift sensations is what this board is all about. The Bing Continental...post on the nose and set it to cruise control. - Mick Rodgers, Team Rider.

UK Shipping & Packing £49

EU - Ask for quote



Average nose: 19.25"
Average tail: 16.5"


Size Width Thickness Volume
9'0" 23 2.87 69.3
9'2" 23.25 2.87 71.3
9'4" 23.37 3.0 71.3
9'6" 23.50 3.06 78.1
9'8" 23.62 3.12 80.6
9'10" 23.75 3.18 84.0
10' 24.0 3.25 88.2
10'2" 24.12 3.31 91.7
10'4" 24.25 3.37 95.3
10'6" 24.37 3.43 99.0
10'8" 24.5 3.5 103.1
10'10" 24.62 3.56 107.0
11'0" 24.75 3.62 111.0



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