6'2 Atlantic Saltfish in Primary Blue Resin tint W/Orange Glass on wood Keels

Atlantic Surfboards

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The Saltfish

6'2 x 22 1/4 x 2 3/8

Saltfish in Primary Blue resin Tint W/Orange Glass on wood Keels

Shaped by Bro Diplock & Glassed by Paul Fluin at Phoenix glassing.

Smarter than your average fish!

The Saltfish is a highly tuned retro fish with features & tweaks that combine advanced modern contouring with the time proven retro fish shape.

At first glance the Saltfish looks like a fairly standard outlined retro fish shape with low entry rocker, good volume through the nose and middle of the board, holding it’s width to the tail.

Look a little closer and you will see that the board has a strong concave on the deck and base of the board - and a deep swallow vee at the tail. This creates full volume outside the fins and low volume between them. This low volume channel funnels water between the Keels to create an outrageous amount of speed you’ve likely not felt before.

For bigger days and for more control we have added a knubster fin socket between the twin keel fins offering you more choice over riding feel. Futures boxes for the keels and FCS Fusion for the trailer opens up the best fin selection for both positions. Custom boards can be set up however you want!

The Saltfish will shred on waves from 1 foot to overhead from punchy beach breaks to long walling points. A twin + trailer fin set up makes the board loose and playful when the waves aren’t giving you much but you have the option of more control when the conditions have a little more power.

Suitable for low intermediate and upward, ride the Saltfish 2 – 3 inches shorter than your standard shortboard.

Want to change the dims or colour? Order a custom Saltfish for delivery in 4 - 6 weeks.

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