7'10 Atlantic 'Big Easy' Speed Egg in Mango Yellow wet sand & Pinline

Atlantic Surfboards

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The Atlantic 'Big Easy' Speed Egg

7'10 x 20 3/4" x 3" 

The Big Easy
Speed Egg with attitude

Mango Yellow with wet sanded finish T&B, black pinline.
6+6 Oz top, 6 Oz bottom cloth.

Shaped by Lee Hallam & glassed at The Toy Factory

Put all thoughts of mid-lengths being slow and unresponsive out of your mind, the Atlantic Big Easy is a responsive, mobile performance egg.

Slim with straight rails, a pulled in, softly beaked nose with little rocker to stop the nose digging in on steeper faces and a flatish tail rocker to hold on to speed. The flatish rocker and single concave mid-panel will maintain momentum between sections and the double concave feeds out in the tail, the rounded pin with 2 + 1 adding pivot to the performance.

If you are stepping up from a shortboard you'll be amazed by the fast paddling speed and equally if stepping down from a log or fatter mid-length the paddle ability will give an easy transition.
The Big Easy drives, is more responsive and gives higher more performance than wider flatter mid-length boards. Plenty of volume under the chest will keep your wave count high in on mushier days and because of its more performance orientated shape, it flies on decent waves.

Recommended for low intermediate and upward, ride the Big Easy 6'6 - 7'10


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