7'6 Bing Pintail Mini in Clear & Volan


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Fin: Futures 2+1, fins included.

Color/Finish: 1/8" Applecore stringer, Clear & Volan, T+B, sanded finish.

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The Pintail Mini was originally intended to be a mid-length or "mini" version of its predecessor the Pintail Lightweight, capturing the transition from longboard to midrange. Similar to its cousin, the Maui Foil, it had to have modern elements while keeping to its original intention. Since the Maui Foil was intended to be more of a gunnier egg shape that works great in a little power, Matt wanted to design a board that was more all-around. Using the Maui Foil as his starting point, he added width with a fuller nose and tail while keeping the signature hard pintail and down rail nose. The bottom has a very slight roll to flat in the middle to a generous amount of double concave spiral vee back to flat out the tail for release in the wave. The modest continuous rocker with a little extra kick in the nose and tail along with the 2+1 fin configuration give the rider plenty of fin options and versatility. This model's true magic is that it rides just as remarkable shorter (6'0-7'0) as a mid-range (7'0'-8'6). If you want a board that catches waves with ease and turns on a dime, this is it!

Average nose: 18", Average tail: 15.125"

Size Width Thickness Volume
6'2" 19.75 2.5 32.5
6'4" 20 2.5 34.3
6'6" 20.25 2.565 35.9
6'8" 20.5 2.625 38.2
6'10" 20.75 2.75 41.2
7'0" 21.25 2.75 44.5
7'2" 21.3125 2.75 45.7
7'4" 21.4375 2.75 46.8
7'6" 21.5 2.8125 48.3
7'8" 21.75 2.875 51.1
7'10" 22 2.9375 52.5
8'0" 22.3125 3 57.2

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