9'0 Jim Phillips Surfboards Affair in Coke Bottle tint

Jim Phillips

Jim Phillips Affair In Coke Bottle tint. 

9'0 x 22 1/2"x 2 3/4" (measured)

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Fin: Single box - Fin included. 

Color/finish: double-stringer, Coke bottle tint T+B, gloss/polish

An involvement-style traditional longboard. This model fits into the line up as a performance board with a sleek, modern, classic look for modern longboarding in any type of wave and incorporates speed on the nose for super fast noserides. The outline is well balanced with a semi-pulled in nose, hips just about center and a pulled in tail. The rocker is modern with nice entry, flat mid section for speed and a bit of lift in the tail for turning and hold. The contours on the bottom begin with some concave for lift when noseriding, but then the rest of the board is flat for speed and quick direction changes from the middle of the board or back off the tail. The rails are 50/50 with some pinch, think small end of an egg, for wave face penetration and release. Get involved and get your surf on. 


Please contact us for more details or to order a custom Jim Phillips. 

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