9'1 Gato Heroi 'Death Dagger' Hull (used)

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UK shipping £49/EU £75

Gato Heroi/Robin Kegel 'Death Dagger' Rounded pintail Hull in very good condition

Condition : Very Good - some minor depressions and small ding repairs.

  • Pastel Camouflage deck / acid tint bottom. Gloss/polish/matte finish angle patch deck/bottom.
  • Through-Deck leash
  • Refined hull shape from a respected, quality shaper.
  • Rounded pintail 'Death Dagger' Hull
  • Single fin box set-up
  • “Modern surfing incorporates the full use of waves and functional direction change, harnessing power and poise. Pivot fin logs and concave noseriders don’t allow themselves to be set on the rail properly. They rely on drag. There’s no future in that, the best one can do on those is get a controlled noseride or dropknee cutback. It comes down to design =function = style.” - Robin Kegel

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