9'4 Atlantic Sunblade in Punk Orange Resin tint.

Atlantic Surfboards

Atlantic sunblade 9'4 x 22 7/8" x  2 7/8"

In Punk Orange half resin tint, deck patch T & B Wet sanded matt. 

Shaped in Cornwall by Bro Diplock

Glassed by Paul Fluin at Phoenix Glassing.

The Sunblade

The Sunblade design process began with a classic Californian shape and evolved through British surf sessions into a modern hybrid board specifically tailored to British waves. After being inspired by Todd Messick's excellent Dream Pin pig shape we re-created it here in the UK and then put it through a series of evolvements to tailor it for our waves. 

The centre wide-point is closer to the tail putting more volume under your feet. Coupled with the lighter narrow nose means that the board pivots, stalls and turns easily. The Sunblade’s unique concave is a blend of teardrop and parallel delivering plenty of nose lift. It is a longer, more gradual concave in line with current Californian longboard design philosophy. We bladed the rails in the last third of the board to give a little more speed and bite, pulled in the tail and shaved a little off the width to deliver a board which carves, trims and noserides extremely well. A modern classic longboard. Just add a sunrise or sunset session at your favourite break to find out how the Atlantic Sunblade earns its name.

The Sunblade comes standard as a single finbox setup at 9’4. We recommend the Alex Knost Sunshine 10 as an excellent fin pairing. 

High quality finbox & drill-through leash hole as standard. 


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