9'4 Atlantic Sunblade in Punk Orange Resin tint.

Atlantic Surfboards

Atlantic sunblade 9'4 x 22 7/8" x  2 7/8"

In Punk Orange half resin tint, deck patch T & B Wet sanded matt. 

Shaped by Bro Diplock

Glassed by Paul Fluin at Phoenix Glassing.

The Wittering Sunblade

The Sunblade design process began with a classic Californian shape and evolved through British surf sessions into a modern hybrid board specifically tailored to British waves. After being inspired by Todd Messic's excellent Dream Pin pig shape we re-created it here in the UK and then put it through a series of evolvements to tailor it for our waves. 

The low centre wide-point puts volume under your feet and coupled with the lightness from the narrow nose means that the board pivots, stalls and turns on a sixpence. The Sunblade’s unique concave is a blend of teardrop and parallel delivering plenty of nose lift. We bladed the rails in the last third of the board to give a little more speed and bite, pulled in the tail and shaved a little off of the width to deliver a board which carves, trims and noserides like a dream. An utterly classic, hipped beauty which we could not be more proud of. Just add a sunrise or sunset session at your favourite break to find out how the Atlantic Sunblade earns its name.

The Sunblade comes standard as a single finbox setup at 9’1. We recommend the Alex Knost Sunshine 10 as an excellent fin pairing.

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