9'7 Jim Phillips Surfboards Bastard in Burnt Orange tint w/Resin Stripes

Jim Phillips

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9'7 Jim Phillips Bastard in Burnt Orange w/White Resin Stripes.

SOLD (£1495)

Fin: Single box
Color/finish: Quad Stringer, Orange tint T+B, patch, white resin stripes, gloss/polish

Another stunner from Jim...

It's called the Bastard because that's what most people in the line up will call you as you out-paddle them, catch way more waves, and noseride your way into the sunset!

No big ears or trash can lid noses here.  Long summer days and sweet rolling waves…

-Materials:  US Blanks or Blair Polyurethane Foam.

-Fin: KD Miss Lucy

Please contact us for more details or to order a custom Jim Phillips. 

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