9'6 Bing Beacon in Tropical Blue Resin Tint


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Bing Beacon 9'6 in Tropical Blue tint, deck patch, gloss/polish, single box, Black Pinline, fiberglass BING fin included.

Hand shaped by Matt Calvani in Encinitas, California. 


I wanted to make a board with a wide nose and slightly more pulled in tail to really appeal to surfers of all ability levels. For the surfer looking to consistently get to the tip, this board is perfect. It gives you the confidence to get to the nose in one fluid motion.

The main attributes of this board focus on early wave entry and stability for the surfer looking to enhance their classic longboarding style. The pulled in tail allows for quicker rail-to-rail turns, and easy set-up for nose rides. The board has a continuous easy entry rocker that is forgiving and stable for cross-stepping and late take offs.

The midsection of the board is a quarter inch wider than most of our models, lending to more stability while moving up and down the board. The blended concave and 50/50 rails throughout make for easy transition from the back of the board to the nose "To take you from the center of the board to the finish line!" 

 We regularly order Bing surfboards directly from the factory in California. You can secure your Bing surfboard & finish with only a £300 deposit.

Price Includes recommended Bing fin (RRP £99).

 UK shipping & packing £59

EU shipping - please call/email for quote.

Call/email us for details : info@groundswell.co.uk 01273 033322

Average nose: 19.5"

Average tail: 15.75"

Size Width Thickness
9'0" 22.75 2.875
9'2" 22.875 2.875
9'4" 23" 2.938
9'6" 23.25 3
9'8" 23.375 3.0625
9'10" 23.625 3.0625
10' 23.75 3.125

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