Almond Surf Thump 9'4 in Teal/Grey Resin Tint, Double Stringer.

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 9'4 Almond Surf Thump in Teal/Grey deck. Gloss & Polish, Cutlaps, Resin Tint, Double dark wood stringer.

Handmade superb quality board shaped & glassed in Huntingdon, Los Angeles, USA.

Expected in stock JUNE 2020, please contact for details.

The Surf Thump offers you versatile handling without sacrificing the paddling and gliding benefits that makes us all love longboards in the first place.  

The Surf Thump will feel noticeably more lively than the Lumberjack, and easier to maneuver because of the thumb-shaped tail.  If you surf a variety of spots and breaks, this board might just be your new best friend.  

As a side benefit, this is the only longboard in our range that we recommend any fin ranging from the D-Fin to the Pin Fin, so get creative when it comes to trying different fin templates in the Thump.

Best for beach breaks and points alike; the pulled in nose helps the nose stay perched, particularly in steeper sections and waves.

    • Teal/Light Grey Tint
    • Sanded Gloss Finish
    • Double Stringer
    • Fin Box (Fin Included)
  • 17 3/4" nose
  • 16 1/2" tail


  • 9’4”   22 3/4   by 3"

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