Art in Motion Designs Dream Thumb 9'1

Art In Motion

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9'1 Art in Motion Dream Thumb with double cedar stringer, fabric inlays & aqua turquoise resin tint. Patch, Sanded gloss finish. 

Shaped and glassed by Todd Messick in Oceanside, San Diego. 

The Dream Thumb has the same outline as the Dream Machine except the tail is rounded square. The nose is less blunt, allowing better entry in the critical sections.  The 19" tail allows the pig design to function with less drag & hangup as the original.

Wide point back, but pulled up the tail further than our Dream Series.  This allows for maneuverability & pivot further up the board.  A more balanced outline with a nice full tail block for stability & ease of pivot & direction changes.Featured Board:

9'-1" Fabric Inlay double Stringer


  • Length: 9’-1”
  • Nose: 18”
  • Width: 23 ½”
  • Tail: 19”
  • Thickness: 2 ¾

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