9'1 Atlantic Matchless Sunshine Yellow Resin tint, Deck and Tail Patches. Gloss & Polish.

Atlantic Surfboards

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The Atlantic Matchless

Atlantic Matchless 9'1x 22 3/4" x 2 3/4" Sunshine Yellow Resin tint, Deck and Tail Patches. Gloss & Polish. 

The Atlantic Matchless is a classic square tailed, low hipped single fin noserider. Finished here in stunning sunshine yellow tint with deck and tail patches, gloss and polish finish and black decals.

Generous volume and a flat rocker through most of the length make the Matchless super-easy to paddle and will send the board flying over flat sections. 

A gentle nose concave runs through the first third of the board which, coupled with the volume and soft rails will give plenty of nose time. The contour transitions to a gentle bellied hull making the board transition smoothly from rail to rail. The low of centre wide point and reverse rocker tail kick mean that this board pivots, stalls and turns on a sixpence from the tail and the gently foiled square tail preserves volume and makes for easy entry.

Suitable for all riders from beginner upward, the Matchless suits waves from knee to shoulder high and is a great board for raising your wave count and feeling out those cruisey, laid back noserides.

Enjoy the ride...

The Matchless comes standard as a single finbox setup at 9’1. We recommend the Alex Knost Sunshine 9-10" Flextip as an excellent fin pairing. Custom board sizes are available 9'1 - 9'8"ft.

9'1 x 22 3/4 x 2 3/4 Approx Volume 70 ltrs

6+4 deck 6 on bottom

Gloss & polish Top & Bottom. 

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