9'4 Bing Pocket Knife Speedshape in Desert Sand


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Price includes Bing Fibreglass 10" Fin (worth £99)

The PK (Pocket Knife) Speed shape is an adaptation of the original Pocket Knife model designed in collaboration with rider, Mele Saili. Featuring a flatter tail rocker and a pulled-in nose outline that gives the rider a faster and more versatile surfing experience in a wider range of wave size and conditions.

Since the original Pocket Knife is more of a dedicated noserider, the PK Speed Shape offers the same functionality but with more range. This version also works better in less optimal conditions versus the ideal clean noseriding wave that the original Pocket Knife excels in. The modification in tail rocker means faster trimming and more drive off the tail, so you can project off the bottom of the wave and out through flat spots or sections.
- Matt Calvani, Head Shaper/designer

"Don't let the nose fool you, since I think it let's you manipulate it more in the right spot in the wave in order to get a better nose ride. You take it for a ride, it doesn't take you for a ride kind of thing".
-Mele Saili

We regularly order Bing surfboards directly from the factory in California. You can secure your favourite Bing surfboard & finish with only a £300 deposit & pay 0% over 12 months. email info@groundswell.co.uk to secure your dream board today.  \m/

Price includes Bing recommended pivot fin (RRP£99)

Call/email us for details : info@groundswell.co.uk 01273 033322

Average nose: 17.25"

Average tail: 16"

Size Width Thickness
9'0" 22.375 2.875
9'2" 22.5 2.938
9'4" 22.5" 2.938
9'6" 22.875 3
9'8" 23 3.0
10' 23.125 3.0625

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