Ocean and Earth Longboard Premium XT Leash 9'0 - Black

Ocean and Earth

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9’0 Premium XT Longboard  Leash – Black


  • Ocean and Earth Leash
  • Cord length: 9 ft (2.7 meters)
  • Cord diameter: 7mm ( 9/32")
  • Wave size: Suitable for waves up to 8 ft (2.4 meters)
  • Ankle strap: 50mm thick strap padding - Vertically moulded neoprene panels mould perfectly to your ankle for maximum comfort
  • Cord diameter: 7mm ( 9/32")
  • Specifically designed for longboarding with a longer railsaver
  • Flex neck: Flex neck strap plug allows for 360 degree movement of leash making it more comfortable when under stress
  • Plug buddy: An Ocean and Earth first, this ensures the leash string is easily threaded through the surfboards plug getting you surfing faster
  • Kink-free packaging: Specially designed new packaging for the ONE-XT leashes means no kinks or tangles keeping the leash super strong
  • New premium grade quality urethane formula developed by the world's leading manufacturer
  • One piece extruded cord design eliminates weak points making this leash super tough
  • Key pocket with secure velcro closure
  • Ocean and Earth branding

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