Josh Hall Quad Finset ST (Futures) - Size MD

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  • Josh Hall Quad (Single Tab)


    Template: Drive—Great for driving through smooth arcs on alternative crafts.

    Size: Recommended for medium size surfers 140 lbs. to 195 lbs. (63 kg. to 88 kg.)

    Construction: Honeycomb Construction

    Flex: Medium

    Compatibility: Futures (Single Tab)

    The Josh Hall Quad is a performance set made for boards 8 feet and under. It’s an upright fin with a 4 ¾ front and 4 1/8 back and works well with everything performance quads to hybrid designs like Josh’s Fish Simmons Quad. “Slide the Glide” - Josh Hall

    Fin Specification Front Fins Rear Fins
    Area 16.71
    Height 4.75
    Base 4.53
    Foil Flat 80/20

    Fin Size Chart:

    GROM Up to 120 lbs. (52 kg.)
    SMALL Up to 155 lbs. (70 kg.)
    MEDIUM 140 lbs. - 180 lbs.  (63 kg.- 81 kg.)
    LARGE 180 lbs.+ (81 kg.+)


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