Solarez Mini Pro Travel Kit PU


Solarez Mini Pro Travel Kit - Small Travel Repair Kit for Surfboards

Small 2 part travel Surfboard Repair Kit featuring sun curing resin and foam filler. Perfect for repairing your custom surfboard.

* 0.5oz. Solarez Fibrefill UV curing resin (dries clear).
* 0.5 Microlite UV cure foam filler (dries white).
* Acetone wax removal/cleaner pad.
* 80/240 grit 2-sided sanding pad.
* Tough clip top container.
* Instructions included on the resin/filler tubes.

NOTE: Not for use on Epoxy boards. If you have an Epoxy board (ie Bic, NSP, Surftec) please use one of the epoxy repair kits we have in stock.

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